Indy Mission Trip

Join Chapel Hill as we partner with Living Faith Church in the city of Indianapolis. Whether you go on the trip from Thursday to Monday or Friday to Sunday, we will all get a chance to minister to students and parents of Indiana University/Purdue University Indiana on move-in days, the 18 and 19th, by helping them move in. Sunday, we will join Living Faith for church and take part in hosting a “yard party” for students and neighbors in downtown Indy to share the Gospel and lo
ve on the community. It’s a great opportunity for students, singles, or families to build relationships and meet our church partners as well as minister to others!

AUGUST 17-21 , 2017

Optional dates: August 18-20


Cost covers meals in Indy and lodging
Optional Hotel Info Coming Soon

Commit by August 6!
Send commitments or questions to:

Laura Fletcher at