We know how hard it can be leaving your child in preschool for the first time (or for the fifteenth time for that matter!). So, to help ease your mind, Chapel Hill has quality and experienced childcare workers to teach and watch your children while you are in worship or small group Bible Studies. We also have top-notch facilities to ensure your child’s safety and enrichment while they are staying with us.
Helping parents to teach their children God’s Word is one of the most important things we do as a church. Every Sunday, your child will not only be immersed in a fun, Biblical environment, but they will also get materials to bring home with them so that you, as a parent, can discuss what they are being taught in Sunday School.
Active quality childcare is provided for children ages newborn through pre-Kindergarten. Age appropriate classroom environments await your child as well as loving and caring adults who will care for your child and lead them in age appropriate learning experiences. A nursery is provided during all activities and services of the church. From the main welcome center, proceed past the children’s KidzZone check in counter and turn right. You are on the Preschool hallway. Signs by each door indicate which age children are located in each room.
At CHBC, we utilize a Preschool Security System. All children being dropped off must be signed in with detailed information as well as the parent’s expected location. Upon Signing in, each parent (guardian) and child will receive matching colored number tags (one staying with the child while the other is kept by the parent (guardian). No child will be released to anyone who does not present their matching number. In addition, all Chapel Hill preschool childcare workers and volunteers will be wearing a CHBC smock. Always look for the person wearing the smock with a warm smile and lots of love for your child!