Life Groups

Life Groups are short term studies were Christian community is practiced for the benefit of individual and corporate spiritual growth. Community is essential and distinctive in any type of Christian small group. Simply put, a Life Group is a micro-community of 3 to 12 Jesus followers doing the Christian life deeply together. It’s all about your living, daily relationship to God, and as a result, your relationship to other believers and people in general. Biblically, there is no New Testament example of believers outside of Christian community. A Life Group is your opportunity to experience biblically Christian community.  LIFE GROUPS ARE NOT CURRENTLY MEETING.  WE HOPE TO RESUME LIFE GROUPS SOON.

Small Groups

Deep inside every person is a need for relationship. This longing is first for a connection with God and second for real connection with others. God never intended for us to go about our lives without a sense of community. Every one of us needs a group of people who live near us and with whom we share things in common.


In the Bible, the picture of the church is clear. The larger body of believers came together to pray and listen to the Apostle’s teaching; and then smaller groups of individuals gathered in homes and markets as they studied the scripture, ate meals together, and encouraged each other in living out their faith.


Through the local church, God has given us a way to connect with other believers, so we can love and encourage one another as we become more like Jesus. God is constantly working through groups (“community”) to change lives and to help people take “next steps” in their daily journey to become more like Jesus.


In small groups (community), God helps us to overcome sin in our lives while providing the support of others who understand and share the same experiences. The goal of every small group at Chapel Hill is to develop authentic relationships and to encourage and support every group member’s journey to becoming more like Jesus. We believe that every follower of Jesus should be in a relevant small group.


Types of Small Groups

• Sunday morning small groups (on-campus)

• Relationship building groups (hobby or activity based, off-campus)

• Home-based groups (off-campus)

• Focused study groups (on and off-campus)

• Leadership development groups (on and off-campus


Our prayer is that worship at Chapel Hill is more than just people gathering together and singing songs, but that it is a lifestyle that is lived out every day. It’s more than something we do, it’s an attitude of the heart that we carry with us each day.
We have several opportunities to get involved with the music ministry at Chapel Hill. If you have a desire to be a part of leading in worship, then join the Celebration Choir. We meet each Sunday afternoon at 4:45 for rehearsal. If you are a musician, we can use your gifts in the Celebration Orchestra. They rehearse each Sunday afternoon at 4:00 p.m.
We also have great opportunities for your children and students. The Student Drama Team meets each Sunday at 5:00 p.m. The Student Praise Band meets each Wednesday at 4:30 pm and leads worship each week for the Refuge. Jesus Jammers (Children's Choir - K-5th grade) meets at 3:00 pm on Wednesdays. Our Sunshine Singers (K4 & K5) and Tiny Tunes (3 year olds) meet Sunday mornings during Sunday School.
When you join any of these choirs, don’t just bring your voice but bring your heart and passion to worship and praise our Lord and Savior. New members are welcomed all year long.